Book Review: House of Daughters

House of Daughters by Sarah-Kate Lynch

Despite not being much of a drinker, I absolutely adored this novel, set in the vineyards of Champagne, France, where 44-year old Clementine is struggling to keep her generations-old family vineyard and champagne producing operation running when her father unexpectedly dies. What Clementine doesn't know is that her father left the vineyard not only to her, but to her two half-sisters - one of which she didn't even know existed.

These three women, who are prickly at best, must try and band together to turn a profit, as well as their own wrecked lives, around. This is a beautifully written novel that truly delves into the relationships between sisters, as well as the struggles people are willing to undertake to save their dreams, their livelihoods, and their very existence.

I absolutely devoured this beautifully written, beautifully situated novel - highly recommended!