I've been forgetting to mention for ages the best memento I brought back from my trip to England this year.

As I'm sure y'all could tell from the England picture set, I heart sheep.

So when I saw my cousin Pat had a sheep in her home, I had to have one.

(I'm such a copy cat!)

It's an original made by an artist in Hay on Wye, and they are all so unique, so I spent ages finding the right "head" with the right "smile".

Carefully, carefully carrying it home in my carry on luggage (it's raku pottery, so it's very fragile), I now have a sheep of my very own! It's right outside my bedroom door, and it makes me smile every morning as I walk by.

I mean, how can you not smile when you see that? :-)

My Sheep II!

My Sheep!

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