Book Review: What Was Lost

What Was Lost by Catherine O'Flynn

I'm not entirely sure how to describe this novel, was has already won multiple awards and been long- and short-listed for even more.

This novel switches between 1984 and 2003/04, the earlier date following the day to day "investigations" of inquisitive youngster Kate Meaney, who wants to be a private detective. The later sections deal with Lisa and Kurt, who work in the British mall where Kate disappeared years before, though there is evidence that perhaps she isn't gone...

This is a really well-written tale, engaging and engrossing, though it doesn't have any eureka moments, but instead focuses on the day to day existence of several compelling characters, all while tying up ends that don't seem as though they belong together.

I wouldn't say I *loved* this book, as it's not one you love, but it's a compelling, well-written tale...

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