Book Review: Airhead

Airhead by Meg Cabot

I finally managed to snag this copy when it was on our shelf (for probably no more than 12 minutes, as all Meg's books tend to be in our library), and whizzed through it in no time. Em Watts is a typical disinterested teen - good at school, not popular, in love with her best friend Christopher, has an annoying younger sister - but all that changes in one fateful day when a bizarre accident turns her into someone else entirely...

I don't want to give away the twist of the plot, but I really enjoyed this book - in typical Meg fashion, it has funny moments, sarcasm, namedropping and more, but has a more serious tone than her other books - mostly, are you still yourself inside if your outside changes radically? And how do you find the middle ground between the two?

I thought this was a most thought provoking read, while still being fresh and entertaining, with a few laugh out loud moments. I'm looking forward already to the planned sequel Being Nicki, which will continue Em's story...

Highly recommended YA novel!

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