Hall and Oates Are Haunting Me

Hall_and_OatesHall and Oates are haunting me.

A couple of months ago, I was listening to Pandora, and a Hall and Oates song came on. I thought to myself, "I should download some Hall and Oates. Good songs from the 80s, and it reminds me of summers on the boat on Lake Monroe."

(For some reason, this became a boating soundtrack one summer).

So, I went home and downloaded Hall and Oates songs, because I never heard them otherwise.

Now, Hall and Oates are haunting me.

I think I have heard a Hall and Oates song every single time I have been a public place since the day I downloaded those songs.

In restaurants. At the grocery store. At the bank. On the radio. In the freakin' car dealership. EVERYWHERE.

So, in a bid to rid myself of the haunting, I'm tell you all about it. Now YOU'LL be followed around by "Sara Smile", and I can go back to jammin' to Hall and Oates only on my iPod when I so choose. ;-)


Jen said...

Based on that picture...you should really consider a restraining order.

I can testify that they have been playing in the background at least twice while I've visited you this summer. Its like they're watching your every move.

little ineb said...

I love it! "Man Eater" was my fav song when I was a wee little girl. I would sing it around the house. Of course, I thought I was singing about a man-eater monster like the purple-people eater... or was it purple people-eater?

Carrie said...

I love me some Hall & Oates. And I think this can be traced back to March at your house when you outed (outted?) Daryl Hall to me. I still can't get over that. ;-)