Book Review: Vampire Kisses

Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber

Our YA librarian threw this to me when we were talking about "other" vampire books to recommend following the Twilight series. This is an uber-fast read, which is good...

...because I thought it was kind of silly.

Yes, I like the idea of the rebel girl being the main protagonist, but c'mon - the deserted mansion? The boy who *may* be a vampire? The language seemed more juvenile than YA, and the story was just sort of...well, silly.

I'm glad it didn't take long to read, and it might be good for less advanced readers, but I wasn't really feeling it. It is a series, though, so maybe it gets better...maybe...

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Unknown said...

I enjoyed this book no matter how "silly" it maybe. Fantasy"s are suppose to be silly and some what perdictable, because to be honest what story line hasn't been read and re-read again. This may not be the most advanced reading but it is a series worth the "short" read.