Book Review: Envy the Night

Envy the Night by Michael Koryta

I am a big fan of Koryta's previous three novels, so I was eager to read his first stand-alone novel, this time taking place in the lake country of Wisconsin.

Frank Temple III is trying to live down the legacy of his father, but when he receives a call that his arch-enemy is on the way to his family's beloved camp on the lake, Frank hits the road. What follows is a fast-paced thriller with a car crash, a body shop owner who happens to be a girl, blood, guts, secrets, gunplay and a little time spent out on the water.

This is such a well-written book, and makes you feel tense throughout as it slow burns to the very end, just waiting for the inevitable...

Koryta is a great writer, and a great storyteller. Stumped for a good suspense novel? Give him a try!

(Plus, is a Hoosier and is only, I think, 26 years old!)

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