Holy cannoli, it's been a while since I had a blog post that WASN'T a book review!

So, let's see...what's been going on...

Well, I finally jumped off the cliff with everyone else and joined Twitter. I've never been a text message girl (I barely know how to on my own phone), and it just seemed like it would be lame for anyone following me, because, you know, I'm boring.

And yet, I've decided to give it a go - I like the immediacy of it so far, and that it's not the same as having to post a full blog post about something that may be trivial, but memorable. Plus, I know the fam and a few friends might like to see what I'm up to at every minute, so there ya go. I'm a Twit. Follow me! :-)

Let's see...on the TinyTown front, this photo (taken at the local IGA) pretty much sums up the sentiment of the whole town...

Thank God

(I nearly drove off the road from laughing the first time I saw this.)

Between the Bookmobile vandalism (which seriously pissed off a lot of patrons), and the rash of other house break-ins, screaming stereos, fights and arguments all pointing to the older teen set in TinyTown, we're definitely ready for August 12.

What else...I (with the help of my fabu administrative assistant) wrote the budget for the library for next year. Of course, it's all a farce with the "restructuring" of Indiana government and the serious stalling of my county to get things reassessed, turned in and collected. I'm still due money from LAST year, and yet I'm writing a budget for NEXT year. Fun!

July 11

(Note the pink Disney princesses pencil, straight from Disneyland!)

In other news...

My whole family (Mum, Dad, sis and I) all went to a movie. This is monumental for several reasons: my parents go to the movies about once a decade, and even then under duress; we've never attended the same movie together; and we all LOVED IT!

(Mamma Mia. So, so very good. Lots of giggles and laughter, and of course, singing. Badly.)

July 18

(Mamma Mia!)

And in other news, yes, the AEROGARDEN LIVES!

After finally ditching the herbs from Christmas a few weeks ago, I got the "lettuce" kit. And that sucker grew FAST! Yay for salad NOT in a bag!



Other than that, it's been so humid and hot that I've pretty much hibernated inside as much as possible, except when I'm watering petunias or passing out from mowing the lawn. But the humidity does make for the pretty every once in a while...

(Tree among the fields of Posey County, about 7am.)

And how are you?


Carrie said...

I totally knew you would see Mamma Mia. I really would like to see it (hellooooo Pierce & Colin) but ugh, Meryl Streep. Pretty sad that my dislike for Streep totally cancels out the sum total of my love for Mrs. Brosnan & Firth, yeah?

Marissa said...

That IS sad! It's such a great movie...the location is AMAZING, and it's just such fun to sing along and dance in your seat. Meryl was a fun character...give it a try!