Book Review: Private Wars

Private Wars by Greg Rucka

The best way to get me NOT to do something, is to insist I do something over and over and over again.

Mark, over at Crucial Taunt, learned this the hard way.

He has insisted for many moons that I read a Rucka novel, and I've just not gotten around to doing it!

I picked up a "Queen and Country" novel, featuring Tara Chace, a female James Bond in the British secret service and decided to give it a go.

The bulk of this novel actually takes place in Uzbekistan, where Tara is charged with smuggling out the son and grandson of the President, before the President's daughter can assassinate her brother and assume control of the country. There's a lot more to it, but that's the main thrust of the novel.

I found this really, really difficult to read, actually. Rucka makes PROLIFIC use of abbreviations, and I found my flow was interrupted at least once or twice a page when I had to stop and look up the glossary to see what the hell he was saying. Chace began as an intriguing character, but by the end, I just didn't really care about her or her charge - one of the secondary characters held the most sway for me, and even then...

I'm a big action-y, James Bond, Navy SEAL story fan kind of girl, but this one was like...homework. And it just didn't get a good grade from me.

Sorry, Mark...

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