Book Review: The Map Thief

The Map Thief by Heather Terrell

This novel was sent to me by the nice folks at Authors on the Web for review, Terrell's second novel after The Chrysalis. Though I haven't read that one, I found this one easy to get into, despite not previously knowing the characters.

It's clear from the outset that Terrell did a tremendous amount of research in writing this novel, which links three distinct time periods and situations: modern day Mara Coyne is on the hunt for a map thief from her office in New York, mapmaker Zhi living in China in 1421, and Antonio, a navigator for da Gama in 1496's Lisbon. Each chapter focuses on one of the protagonists, and I get so into their individual stories, I don't want to switch to another!

A map recently discovered in China has gone missing, and Mara is charged with getting in back. Further complicating matters are issues of exploration from hundreds of years ago, a kingpin map thief, and maybe a new romance...

This is a really rich novel full of detail, history and a bit of "the chase", which is always a good time. I'd be curious to see where Mara ends up on her next adventure!

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