Book Review: Confessions of a Contractor

Confessions of a Contractor by Richard Murphy

Okay, so I just bought my very first house a couple of months ago, I dig on HGTV, and I love dishy novels - so when I was offered up a copy of this new novel (another fabu cover!), I jumped at the chance to snag a review copy.

Henry Sullivan is a contractor in LA - the land of beautiful people, big mansions, more money than sense and never ending sunshine. This novel swirls all that together into one dishy read - ranging from Henry's dalliances with the women who hire him to *ahem* do a little construction, to his struggles with his crew, to his conflicted feelings on another homeowner and strangely, her cat.

Murphy writes in an easy first person style, and "Henry" will stop the story to talk about home renovation, the rules and regs, and all the stuff they DON'T show you on HGTV, which works surprisingly well for the reader, even if it does forestall the story a bit (which, oddly, I didn't mind). Of course, now I'm a little afraid of my jacuzzi tub...

I found the ending of this novel a bit conflicting for me, but overall, it was a read that promised what I thought: fast, dishy, fun!

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