Book Review: Kiss Me Kill Me

Kiss Me Kill Me by Lauren Henderson

It was all about the cover for me on this one, right? :-)

Scarlett has been granted entrance to the group of exclusive girls at her London boarding school, so when she is invited to a party where her crush Dan will be, she jumps at the chance to attend.

She and Dan talk, laugh, and then kiss...and then he dies in her arms.

The rest of the novel is Scarlett trying to unravel what happened to Dan and struggling to find her own place in her new school with a new set of rules...

This was clearly written with a sequel in mind and while I think the beginning started off well (though a bit like every other YA novel where the unpopular girl wants the popular boy), the middle dragged, and I felt the book didn't really resolve itself. I think it fell short for me because the "mystery" was so clearly telegraphed from the beginning that it wasn't a mystery at all, which takes away some of the suspense.

Still, it was well written, and doubtless YAs will enjoy it, it just fell a bit short for me...

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