Book Review: Into the Fire

Into the Fire by Suzanne Brockmann

I've been a huge fan of Brockmann's since reading my first "Troubleshooters" book years ago, and I was first in line for this one - her latest.

Brockmann perfectly combines military/action-y suspense with passion in this novels, appealing to all readers, but particularly women. In this one, there are two dueling storylines - Murphy and Hannah and Izzy and Eden - a change from her usual "one kickass couple at a time" formula. If you are a new reader to Brockmann's series, you might need a scorecard for this one - a lot of characters from the past, but with little explanation or background. I love getting to visit with her past characters, though it can be confusing for a new reader.

In any case, this new novel is full of pulse pounding drama, some hot sexy scenes, but I must admit, I found the ending a bit...abrupt. Talk about leaving us hanging when there is still a lot up in the air. Guess I'll have to wait for the next novel...

I still haven't read all of her books, but every time I pick one up, I'm eager to seek out all the ones I'm missing! Brockmann is top notch - not to be missed!

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