Book Review: Girls in Trucks

Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch

I was so excited to read this book - I mean, Southern debutantes, family secrets, and just look at that cover!

And while this was an easy read with some nice writing, it just left me...sad.

Sarah Walters, the protagonist, makes poor decision after poor decision, and after a while, I had absolutely no empathy for her love life, her floating through life, and her struggles with her family and friends, who were just as ugly as characters as Sarah was, or frankly, anything Sarah did or said. There was little in the way of "southern drama", just lots of "poor me" chapters. The author also switches from first person to third person to the voice of a completely different character in each chapter, which I found jarring and hard to relate to.

I know this got glowing reviews from everyone else, but it just left me sad and frustrated and cold. But at least it was a fast read...

Not my favorite, though you may like it better...

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