Library Programs

Summer Reading Program at APL is in full swing (Exercise Your Mind...Read!), and we've had some super programs this week!

Sidewalk Chalk creations...we had sidewalk chalk decorating all the library sidewalks, a mural painted for the youth services area, and of course, snacks!

June 18

My favorite, though, was the steel drum band we had come play. We put them right outside, so the whole downtown could enjoy the sounds of calypso! Everyone brought lawn chairs and blankets, and we had a great time!

June 19

Of course, I was also a big fan of our "Caribbean" buffet table: we served "Tropical Punch" (red Kool-Aid), "Fresh Seafood" (Goldfish crackers), and "Roast Pig" (cocktail wienies in sauce). :-)

"Fresh Seafood"

I love my library!

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