Bookmobile Break-In

This just makes me sick.

I mean, physically sick.

On Saturday night, someone vandalized our Bookmobile.

And I don't mean a spray painted the outside or tried to puncture a tire.

I mean, they ripped out the dash, boogered all the mechanical wiring, trashed the interior, broke out a window with a 2x4 and sprayed glass everywhere, stole library materials, kicked out the emergency window, cut computer and satellite wiring, and also stole thousands of dollars worth of satellite equipment - equipment that is useless to them without the satellite or the data transfer software.

We are looking at, conservatively, at least $10,000 to $15,000 worth of damage.

I just don't understand...why would someone do this? I mean, the BOOKMOBILE?

And the irony? Even though they took tons of CDs and books, we found them all neatly boxed up on our playground or stacked behind the building. They didn't even take anything.

They just...trashed it.

It really does make me sick what people will do to a good thing...


The photo evidence:

Destruction of the Bookmobile
The trashed interior (and part of a TinyTown cop).

Not Going to Move
The dash, completely ripped out, thus rendering the Bookmobile unable to move.

Glass Everywhere
Shattered glass everywhere and a busted screen from the patron door.

Smashed Bookmobile Window
The busted out window (on the top left)

I weep for the future, if this is what the youth of today will do for fun...


Anonymous said...

GAH! What the?? People suck! Sigh. This reminds me of the kids that overran my hometown's cemetery, breaking and smashing old headstones. I. Just. Don't. Get. It.

I'm so sorry, Marissa :(

Jalehlabad said...

Oh, that's just terrible! I am so sorry!

Anonymous said...

can faithful readers make donations to the library to begin the fundraising?