Book Review: Summer Boys

Summer Boys by Hailey Abbott

I haven't ventured down into our young adult area for a while, so I grabbed several YA books the other day, intending to switch gears for the weekend and read about the younger set, and this novel was first up.

Cousins Ella, Beth and Jamie are spending the summer on the coast of Maine, where they pass every summer, but this one will be different - Jamie will reunite with her boyfriend from last summer, Beth's feelings towards her best friend George will begin to grow and change, and Ella will once again be on the hunt for a boy - too bad she has her heart set on her sister's new boyfriend...

This is a typical YA "beach read" - parties and hookups, breakups and broken hearts, friends and family coming through in the end, and nothing ending where it started. This is an easy read of a novel, but satisfying for reading on the beach while watching the boys cruise by...

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