Book Review: The Sugar Queen

The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen

After so enjoying Allen's Garden Spells, I picked up her most recent novel during a spree at Barnes & Noble this past week (I love shiny new books!).

The Sugar Queen is another book set in North Carolina with a sad, downtrodden protagonist with a good heart and a fairy godmother, this time in the form of Della Lee, who takes up residence in shy, quiet Josey Cirrini's bedroom closet - the same closet where Josey squirrels away her favorite sweets, away from the prying eyes of her overbearing mother.

This novel weaves in the bonds of family and the strength of new friendships, while exploring a new love for Josey, and the strength to stand on one's own two feet, out of the shadows...

And maybe Josey doesn't need those SweeTarts and pecan rolls after all...

This is another gentle novel that will transport the reader into a lovely world for a few hours. While not as magical (to me) as Garden Spells, I still so enjoyed this novel.

Highly recommended!

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