Book Review: Queen of Babble Gets Hitched

Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot

Okay, y'all know I'm a huge fan of fellow Hoosier and rockin' writer Meg Cabot.

So you're going to have to excuse me while I go all fangirl for a second.

Meg Cabot herself sent me the ARC of this book (and of the newest Allie Finkle!).



*squeals in a very undignified way*

Okay, now that that's out of the way...

This is the concluding title in the "Queen of Babble" series by Cabot, one of her series written for adult readers, and man, did Cabot leave us with a cliffhanger in the second novel!

Lizzie Nichols (wedding dress restorer extraordinaire) has finally found a satisfying job, a great place to live in New York, so now she only has one problem: deciding between the Frenchman who just proposed marriage on her front doorstep and the hottie that is laying in her bed upstairs...

Decisions, decisions....

This is another fun, fast, feisty read from Cabot, replete with pop culture references, laugh out loud moments, and a lot of romantic tension as Lizzie tries to decide which boy is going to be hers, Luke or Chaz, Luke or Chaz...

I know which one I was rooting for. ;-)

You absolutely should read the other two books in the series before grabbing this one from the shelf, but rest assured, it's a satisfying conclusion to the series. Great fun!

Highly recommended!

(Thanks for the books, Meg!)

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Jalehlabad said...

OMG. I would be over the moon if Meg sent me a post it note. I am so excited to read this book! Have a great time at ALA.