Book Review: Fearless Fourteen

Fearless Fourteen by Janet Evanovich

Evanovich is back with the fourteenth novel in the "Stephanie Plum" series. Stephanie is a hapless bounty hunter with lots of luck, little talent, two sexy men, a crazy grandmother and a revolving door of crappy cars and crappier jobs, and this novel is no exception.

Evanovich has added a few new quirky characters to the tried and true formula - Stephanie gets pulled into a much bigger bounty hunter job than she intended, and when dead bodies start piling up, she tries to hold it together...not to mention in the mix a crazy aging rock star, a spray painted dog, and Lula and Tank - getting married.

This is another fun, fast, feisty read - I know these books are formulaic, but they are just so much fun. They don't take themselves seriously, and at least once per book, I actually laugh out loud. That's good times.

If you haven't read this series...what, do you live in a cave?! ;-)


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