Book Review: Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

This was the last of my YA shebang last week, picked up on the recommendation of Trish, our YA librarian. This is part Gossip Girls, part vampire tale, and all easy to read and dishy fun.

I really liked this new twist on the same vampire tale: the "Four Hundred" are the Blue Bloods, the vampires who basically run New York as the rich and powerful. But their history dates back to the Mayflower, and a Roanoke mystery...and now, something is hunting them...

Caught up in all this are the kids of Duchesne, a rich kids school where everything is about designers, appearances, hook ups...and blood.

This was a fast and feisty read, with an intriguing take on vampires set in a modern setting, perfect for the YA set. I'll definitely be reading the follow up soon, Masquerade. Recommended!

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