Book Review: Between, Georgia

Between, Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson

This was the last of Jackson's novels for me to read, coming on the heels of my reading The Girl Who Stopped Swimming. We are once again transported to the South for a character-driven story of family, family obligations, love, lust and a little bit of crazy.

Nonny is "in between" the Hatfield/McCoy version of Between, Georgia (population, 90), only she is between the Fretts and the Crabtrees, who have feuded for ever and a day. Throw in a blind, deaf mama, a couple of crazy aunts, some hellish dogs, a bit of romance, a little girl and as I said, a wee bit of crazy, and you have this novel. It took me a while to get the mythology of the town and the families straight, but after that, you just go where Jackson pulls you, right into the fire of the novel.

I still think gods in Alabama was my favorite novel of Jackson's, but this was another quirky, Southern read chock full of characters you'll keep thinking about.


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