Book Review: Good Little Wives

Good Little Wives by Abby Drake

My friend Jeanne was reading this book one day, and when I saw the cover, I burst out "Ooh! I have to read that after you!". Isn't that just a delicious cover?

This is a quick, not-quite-chick-lit read - as Jeanne described it, it's "Stepford Wives meets Desperate Housewives", which just about sums it up. A dead man, a smoking gun, blackmail, torrid affairs, chemotherapy, love children and more crowd this fast paced novel with a huge cast of characters and all their assorted problems. There were a few times I was like...oh no, we're at the brink, there can't be something else!

And, of course, there was.

I enjoyed the pacing and story of this novel, but got a bit bogged down at the end with all the twists and turns that the author threw in, which felt a bit contrived. Still, this is a campy read about life in the 'burbs. ;-)

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