Book Review: Fear and Yoga in New Jersey

Fear and Yoga in New Jersey by Debra Galant

I was first intrigued by the title of this novel, and then by the premise: yoga instructor Nina finds things coming apart at the seams - her parents are fleeing a hurricane and coming to visit, her husband has lost his job, her son wants a bar mitzvah, and one of her clients fell in her studio. Only one thing can be responsible, she decides: feng shui.

This started off promisingly for me, but the ending was really rushed, and nothing felt resolved. I didn't see Nina evolve at all for me as a character, nor those around her. It just felt like the middle part dragged and dragged, then the ending was thrown in for the last two pages. I know it's a suburban satire, but it left me just, well, kind of sad.

Not my favorite...

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