Ten To Seven

I'm Speechless.

My parents came down to TinyTown on a whim this weekend.

(They also delivered dirt, but that's a different story.)

In addition to traditional Priddis weekend activities (eating, cooking, talking about food, cleaning up after a meal, buying food for a meal, shopping, watching bull riding and giving Dad chores), we also had several errands to run in the big city.

Several weeks ago, I turned over the last few years of my crafting life to the Michael's framing department. Two 18-count counted crosstitches (that would be them up there), a matched set, that took me years to sew, and have hundreds of memories of where I was when I stitched them.

Finally, FINALLY, they were done!

Actual conversation between my mother and I at 9:04am on Sunday morning:

Me: I looked on the internet. Michael's is open ten to seven.

Mum: Ten to seven?

Me: Yeah, ten to seven.

Mum: So we missed the opening then.

Me: No, it's only nine now.

Mum: I know. We missed the opening.

Me: No, they're open ten to seven.

Mum: I know. Ten to seven.


Me: Wait. What the hell did you think I meant? 6:50am?!

*my mum dissolving into giggles*

Mum: I thought that was rather an odd time to open!

*me, hysterical by this point*

In any case, the framing turned out absolutely STUNNING, no? The black lacquer frames, the pops of colour on the mats? I just keep staring at them, thinking how I didn't think they could look any better when I finished them, and yet...they do. :-)

And now y'all know Michael's is open from ten to seven on Sundays. ;-)

(Crosstitch detail of Mr. Samurai, and of The Geisha Ladies)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Those are stunning! It almost makes me want to take up cross stitch.


Ten to seven. *lol*

library chicken said...

They really do look incredible. I've only done small ~4x5 cross stitch work, and those take me weeks. Excellent work!

Marissa said...

*blushes* Thanks, you guys!