Earthquake Rocks the Tri-State.

Nothing like being woken up at 4:30 in the morning to a 5.4 EARTHQUAKE only 50 miles away.

That was HUGE.

Everything was shaking and it was LOUD, and it seemed to last forever, plus waiting for aftershocks to hit. They say the quake lasted 10 seconds, but everyone in my county and next door in the big city are reporting shaking that lasted much, much longer than that.

That was my first big one, ever.

It was felt as far away as Chicago, Memphis, and Kansas City, but right here in TinyTown we got the force of it.

Everything is Sunnymeade appears to be normal, but for a few things that fell over on tables and countertops.



Jen said...

It gently shook my apartment for about 20 or 30 seconds. It was more fierce than the one about four years ago though. This one was noticeably an earthquake.

I prefer not trying to figure out escape plans from apartment at 5:30 a.m. though.

Layne slept through it.

Anonymous said...

I was reading about this on woxy.com! People in Cincy felt it really acutely. Amazing!

Glad it didn't do any damage at your place!

Anonymous said...

I nearly called you to check on you. (I was thinking of who I knew that might be truly "rattled" and not have someone there to be co-rattled with.)

BTW, I was ALONE during the earthquake, and freaked out. Kevin had woken up at 1:00, couldn't sleep, and went to the shop and built a transmission. Incidentally, steel transmission parts stacked on steel shelving are VERY NOISY during an earthquake.