Book Review: The Third Angel

The Third Angel by Alice Hoffman

I have read many of Hoffman's novels, and find that she has a kind of written magic, not unlike the magic she often interweaves into her stories. Her words lull you and pull you, always elegant and delicate, yet evocative and readable.

In this, her latest, Hoffman deftly weaves together three disparate stories of three disparate young women, but with a common thread through them that tugs and tugs until it unravels for the reader at the end. There are many themes in this novel - herons, lovers, commitments, and the three angels: the Angel of Death, the Angel of Life, and the Third Angel, who walks among us and makes mistakes.

This is another great addition to Hoffman's canon - you can't go wrong with a writer that Jodi Picoult often names as her favorite.


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