Book Review: Me and Mr. Darcy

Me and Mr. Darcy by Alexandra Potter

I thought this sounded like a fun, chick lit mix with the traditional P&P story. On a whim, Emily travels to England to take part in a "Jane Austen tour" of the English countryside, and while there, encounters...well, super hottie dream hunk crush, Mr. Darcy.

As well as a disagreeable journalist, a few ladies of "advanced years", a fairy godmother and a bus driver with a past.

This is a light, engaging read, if you are well versed in P&P you'll immediately see parallels in the stories and characters, and even right down to some of the language used. I know the market has been positively FLOODED with Austen knockoff, continuations, homages, and takeoffs, so I would worry that this one will get lost in the shuffle.

Still, I enjoyed the scenery, the characterization of Darcy, and the chick lit-ness of it. Fun and frothy - an easy read!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I HATED this. I thought it lacked the cleverness of Austen knock offs like Clueless or B. Jones Diary. But it was a fast read.

On another note: I just found out that Ken Branagh's Hamlet (all 4 hours of it; which I saw 4 times in the theater....yes, count the hours) is now out on DVD. Love, love, love it. I spent all weekend watching it.

Best, Pat (faithful reader)