Book Review: Candy Girl

Candy Girl by Diablo Cody

I know I've said this about books before, but this really is like a train wreck that you can't look away from.

Diablo, most famous for penning the screenplay for Juno, in 2006 wrote this memoir of her experiences in the...well, in the world of stripping. Diablo was raised in a nice family, has a good education, no history of sexual abuse, she just...wanted to try stripping. In Minnesota. For fun.

This memoir is at times horrifying, but definitely hilarious. Diablo's candid observations and participation in the world of semi-nude and nude dancing will draw the reader in and won't let go for 200 pages. Clearly, this memoir is NOT for the faint of heart, nor for those offended by language, off colour remarks, and very frank descriptions of sex and stripping.

This is a voyeuristic treat for those who always wanted to see "behind the curtain" at the clubs...

Funny and fascinating!

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