Jane Eyre

361904900_0a09f91358I seem to have been going through a serious BBC-type-period-piece phase lately, so I threw Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre into my Netflix queue (upon the recommendation of Jen, who deemed Rochester "more broody" than that Austen lot) to give it a shot, though I wasn't terribly familiar with the book (only with sister Emily's Wuthering Heights, which I sorta read in high school and hated).


Oooh….I LOVED this adaptation from Masterpiece Theatre. I was going to watch for just one hour before getting up to pack and get organized for the house move, and ended up spending four hours on the couch, mesmerized by the telling of Jane and Rochester's story.

I initially didn't like the actor playing Rochester, but by the end, I found him completely endearing, and I thought the actress playing Jane Eyre was spot on – my heart was aching during the bad bits, and rooting during the good bits. The story, the setting, the characters…all of it captivated me until the very end. Since then, I've watched it several times (I had to BUY a copy, of course!) and still hold my breath until the very end to see how the story will resolve...

I'm a convert – this is my new pet period piece…at least until the next one. ;-)


Jalehlabad said...

I am so glad you loved this adaptation! I loved it too. But then I love Toby Stephens. I really thought the actress playing Jane was excellent. Huzzah for the BBC!

Anonymous said...

I loved it too--it reminded me of Persuasion (the version with Cirian Hinds) where at the start neither Anne nor Frederick are attractive, but as the movie goes on you fall in love with them both. (You pierce my soul indeed!).

ON another note, did no one at Fox have a giant Hook to get DW off the set. His raspy "commentating" was a joke. At this point I'm even missing Wally.


Marissa said...

I still need to see that version of Persuasion! I loved Ciaran in Rome, so why not as a romantic lead? :-)

DW and SuperTan can take Chris Myers and take a long walk off a short pier, as far as I'm concerned.

I miss The Bestwick. :-(

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to not be the only person with a little crush on the Bestwick. The hair! the appropriate sarcasm! the lack of orange tan! the correct usage of grammar!

I kinda like Chris M.; he's snarky and seems not to like Orange and DW and that is a good thing in my book. All I can say is thank goodness for TIVO so I can pause before the start and fast forward past the boogiey chant.

And I am STUNNED. Yes STUNNED that you've not seen Persuasion. You must do it this week. Thanks.