Ghosts Of the NINternet


So, I'm at home Sunday night, working on a bibliography that was ever so slightly overdue, when my phone rings.


Calling to let me know that Trent just posted his new Nine Inch Nails album on the web for download.

Okay, let's talk about this for a minute.

How rad is it that a well-established artist, well respected in the music industry, decides to release his latest album on the WEB, with different download options, and ENCOURAGES people to steal it, mix it, remix it, trade it, use it?

Trent's web album distribution got a positive mention in the WALL STREET JOURNAL, people.

I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the majority of NIN fans are NOT readers of the WSJ, but I could be wrong. ;-)

Trent's my god, y'all.

Of course, in the course of Jen and I trying to download our $5 version with the rest of the planet, all the NIN fans basically broke the internet. But, an hour later, Amazon's downloads saved the day and I was jamming to Ghosts I-IV, an all-instrumental album with 36 tracks (which is, of course, completely awesome).

I decided not to go for the $300 deluxe edition, though Jen and I were speculating it would be money well spent if Trent delivered the CD in person...

Anyhoo, rad album, rad delivery, rad Sunday night of giggling while refreshing the page over and over and over again...

I heart my NIN. :-)

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Jen said...

Eh hem, according to the copyright it's not stealing. You can do what you like with it as long as don't make $$$ from it or say Jen wrote it all by herself.

Yes, we'll pay $300 when it's delivered by Trent's luxurious package. The $300 option was sold out yesterday. I guess some people don't pay rent.