Book Review: Gods Behaving Badly

Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips

I thought this sounded like an intriguing plot for a novel, particularly as someone who enjoys both romantic comedy and Greek mythology.

A dozen of the Greek gods and goddesses are holed up in a crumbling house in present day London, their powers waning and their boredom skyhigh. Aphrodite (goddess of love) works as a phone sex operator, Artemis (goddess of the hunt) is a dog walker, and Apollo (god of the sun) is a would-be psychic. Things begin to go hideously awry with the arrival of mere mortal Alice, a house cleaner with a very nice mortal boyfriend, Neil.

What follows are godly schemes, a trip to the underworld to see Uncle Hades, some Scrabble, a bit of absurdity and a few laughs. It's kind of like watching "The Real World" or "Big Brother", but with, you know, deities.

I really thought this was an inventive plot for a novel, and I laughed out loud at some of the characterizations. Though some of the gods/goddesses are self-absorbed or annoying, you can't help but root for them to be restored to their former place...

A fun lesson in mythology, a creative read, and zippy to get through - recommended!

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