Book Review: The First Patient

The First Patient by Michael Palmer

This new novel from Palmer sounded intriguing in the review publications...Andrew Stoddard is the President of the United States, but to Gabe Singleton, he's just a former roommate from the Naval Academy and good friend. When Stoddard's personal physician disappears under shady circumstances, Stoddard asks his friend Singleton to step into the role, thus beginning a wild ride of intrigue, murder, medicine and politics.

Mostly because Stoddard forgot to mention that he's been having psychotic episodes lately...

This is a really absorbing plot that immediately makes the reader question who are the good guys, and who are the baddies. I really like the Washington setting, and the mystery that surrounds what is normally such an insular office. Gabe is a likable character to guide the plot, and the mix of medicine, politics, plotting and of course, a bit of romance keep the plot barreling along to the unlikely conclusion.

It may be a bit over the top at times, but this novel is definitely a page turner!

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