Book Review: Falling Into Manholes

Falling Into Manholes: The Memoir of a Bad/Good Girl by Wendy Merrill

I received an ARC of this title (which was released only a couple of days ago) a memoir written by the brutally honest, and at times brutally funny Merrill.

Though memoirs of all shapes and sizes are crowding the market at the moment, Merrill has tried to capture the raw, honest, train-wreck-like, horrifying time line of her dating past. She writes candidly about her problems with alcohol, bulimia and co-dependence, and writes about some of the more colorful skeletons in her dating closet. You just want to yell at Wendy, "No! Don't! Kick this loser to the curb!" knowing she isn't really going to listen, so you read on...

This is an engaging memoir, geared more towards the female set, particularly those in their 30s and 40s who enjoy reading of the foibles of others.

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Claire said...

I know not to judge a book by the cover (or title) but I do love the title “Falling into Manholes”. Growing up, Wendy wanted to be a perfect girl, and do all the right things to please her parents. Upon her mother’s death, she became bulimic, binging on cake and running around with boys.

Who hasn’t made bad choices?

Wendy Merrill, author of Falling into Manholes, has made many poor decisions in life, and has written about quite a few of them.

She has made bad choices for boyfriends, work, and has had an ongoing fight with bulimia, alcoholism, and a very negative self image and body image, some of which was helped in rehab. Even though Wendy makes so many terrible decisions and puts herself into bad situations, I still feel sympathetic towards her.

However, she now owns her own marketing company in San Francisco. So even though she screwed up a lot, she is now successful. I am not sure what the reader is supposed to get out of the book, other than it being a bit of humor about how awful dating can be. The book shows how important self-esteem is, and the value of self acceptance.
If you’re looking for a simple book that makes you feel good about the choices you have made in life, Falling into Manholes is a fine choice.