Book Review: Cape Refuge

Cape Refuge by Terri Blackstock

Obviously, I don't read a lot of Christian fiction, so every once in a while I grab a title that someone else has recommended, and that's not too church-y.

This is actually a Christian mystery title, written by very popular writer Blackstock (a frequent collaborator with Beverly LaHaye). Cape Refuge is a small town off the coast of Georgia, and Hanover House, run by a married Christian couple, is a haven for people who need a second chance (ex-cons, runaways, etc).

Cape Refuge, its own TinyTown, is thrown into tumult when the couple are brutally murdered, leaving their two daughters (one devout, one a skeptic) to deal with the aftermath.

This is actually a pretty good mystery story, and though it has elements of God, it's not overt or banging you over the head. And the skeptic is STILL a skeptic at the end, which I appreciate. I get so aggravated with the titles where there's a sudden conversion tied up in 200 pages...

This is the beginning of a trilogy set in Cape Refuge, and is a good Christian title for me to recommend to patrons. Heck, I might even read the next one...

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