Book Review: Black Rose

Black Rose by Nora Roberts

This is the second title in Roberts' popular "In the Garden" trilogy, and since I just finished listening to Blue Dahlia recently, I thought I'd dive into the next title.

This time, the focus is on Roz, the owner of "In the Garden" nursery, and owner of Harper House, which has been haunted by the Harper Bride for years. Along with her friends and family, Roz builds her business, cares for her home, and investigates the origins of the Harper Bride along with sexy genealogist Mitchell, which happens to spark a bit of a romance...

This is a solid entry in the Roberts cannon, with a bit of backstory and mysticism, spicy romance, and "girl power" all rolled into one. I'm looking forward to reading the concluding title soon!

Recommended if you enjoy Roberts' other titles...

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