Rawrobin Hood

robin_hood_07_300x400So, a couple of months ago, the library bought (*ahem* I do the purchasing *ahem*) the first season of the BBC's Robin Hood.

Naturally, I watched the entire season practically in one sitting. ;-)

Here's the thing, though.

I'm totally cheering for the bad guy.

I mean, c'mon, anyone who knows me KNOWS I'm going to root for the guy in black leather and eyeliner (lovingly known on the series as Guy-liner).

Yeah, Guy of Gisborne is so totally my man, played by the delightfully evil Richard Armitage (who was SO melty in North and South).

In any case, the series is really great – great locations, good cast, fun plots, a few laughs, some good stunts, and apparently, there are some tasty developments in Season 2 (not the least of which is Guy of Gisborne with his shirt off, which, rest assured, I've already previewed on YouTube).

The UK is watching Season Two now, so hopefully we won't have to wait much longer for me to get in on BBC America – and this time, I'm paying attention to air times!

If you have a chance, you gotta check this one out!


Carrie said...

Ooh he's pretty.

Jen said...

Yes, he is oh, so very pretty. Too bad he's the only watchable character in that series.

Dear, season 2 ended like three months ago. ;) Asking Jen to not give out spoilers for three months is cruel and unusual.

Carrie said...

LOL @ Jen. Hell, I've never seen the show but I alreay know more about season 2 than Marissa does. It's going to KILL me to keep my mouth shut when I'm visiting and when she lets me watch the DVDs.

Of course, that'll mostly be because I'm drooling over Guy.