Dispatches From a Small Town

Nat (calling me at work this morning): Hey, did you hear about the shooting at the Peerless last night?

(The Peerless is a less than reputable, uh, establishment in town. I've never been.)

Me: Yeah, I heard someone got shot in the leg a couple of times. Any idea who was shooting or got shot?

Nat: No, not yet.

Me: Huh.

Nat: So, Greg (her hubby) got a page last night around midnight.

Me: Oh?

Nat: Yeah. They were calling for the fire department's bucket truck.

Me: Oh god, what for?

(I'm picturing a three alarm fire or a kitty in a tree, mewling pitifully.)

Nat: So they could search the library roof.

Me: Um, what?

Nat: For evidence.

Me (trying not to laugh): They thought the evidence was on our roof? Someone slung the gun up there?

Nat: I'm thinking so!

(At this point, we're both nearly hysterical.)

Me: Know what would have been damn funny? If one of them fell THROUGH the roof looking for evidence, because with the roof looking like swiss cheese and leaking everywhere until we get it fixed...

Nat: I know!
So, yeah. The library got searched for evidence. Again. We're like a regular crime scene these days...

Postscript: The gun was found in a trash can, but we don't know where. After I hung up with Nat, I started to wonder if the shooter would be stupid enough to put it in the library drop box. God knows we've found kitty litter, trash, and even a dead fish (!!) in there...

Life in a small town, my friends. :-)

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