Book Review: True Believer

True Believer by Nicholas Sparks

Generally, I'm not a big fan of "The Sparks" - I find his novels a bit too schmaltzy and over the top for me, but he remains insanely popular in our library, so every couple of years, I feel obligated to give him a read so I can talk about him with patrons.

I chose this one because my bookmobile lady said it was lighter on the schmaltz, and hey, it featured a librarian as one of the main characters. ;-) Jeremy Marsh, a famous science writer and debunker of myths, travels to sleepy Boone Creek, NC to investigate mysterious lights in the cemetery that locals claim are ghosts. Naturally, there's a whirlwind romance with the town's librarian, a tiny mystery, a lot of quirky secondary characters, and a neatly tied ending.

It wasn't totally gaggy, but wasn't exactly my cup of tea either, though he's writing is easy to read and I can see the broad appeal to all ages of, let's face it, women. Sparks wrote a sequel to this title, called "At First Sight" which takes place six months later, and apparently has a much higher call for tissues - right up The Sparks' alley. ;-)

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