Book Review: Remember Me?

Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella

I love Kinsella's books - each are hilarious and high energy - so I was eager to read her newest one, which I grabbed yesterday and finished in a day, tearing through the pages in delight.

Lexi Smart has her best friends, an "eh" job, an "eh" appearance and an "eh" boyfriend in 2004...so how did she suddenly wake up in a hospital bed, looking beautiful with a millionaire HUSBAND and high flying job in 2007, with no memory of anything from the last three years? Last she could recall was a fall off a curb after a night in a pub with her mates...

Oh, how things have changed!

This is such a funny read - the contrast of culture from 2004 to 2007, Lexi's struggle to remember ANYTHING about her life, to relearn who she is, and to learn more about her friends and her husband, who, let's face it - is a total stranger she's expected to live with.

Is her new perfect life really so perfect?

True, amnesia is not exactly a new concept in storytelling, but Kinsella's tale is a winning one, with a lot of heart, a great heroine, a touch of romance, and a few laughs along the way. You knew there was going to be a happy ending, you just didn't know how Lexi would get there...

Another great novel from British writer Kinsella - highly recommended!

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