Book Review: How to Talk to a Widower

How to Talk to a Widower by Jonathan Tropper

I really loved this book, from the author of the equally great Book of Joe.

Doug Parker is a widower at 29, struggling to pull his life back into focus while dealing with the loss of his wife in a tragic accident, the 16 year old stepson she left behind, his family, his feelings, his job, and his life. This book is written in such a straightforward, easygoing, quick to read way, and you become immediately engrossed in Doug's world and his psyche, which filters between pragmatism and pity.

I loved all the characters of this book, particularly Doug's twin Claire, stepson Russ and Doug himself, as well as the situations throughout, some of which are seriously laugh out loud funny, and some of which are deeply sad. I consumed this novel in one morning, grateful to have such a fantastic read in the midst of being iced in from work for the day. Tropper's writing is crisp, funny and engaging - perfect!

Highly, highly recommended!

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