Book Review: Blood Moon

Blood Moon by A. W. Gryphon

I received an ARC of this upcoming title (due out in April) from Gryphon's kind publicist, and was ready to read something a bit shorter after my marathons lately!

This novel focuses on Amelia, a natural born witch who watches first her mother die, then her husband die, then her father die, while "The Organization" draws ever closer as the world aligns for Samhain, and Amelia's 28th birthday (a date that is all tied up in destiny from a thousand years ago. I think.). Naturally, misdirection, intrigue and false relationships abound as Amelia suddenly takes up The Craft again after a 20 year hiatus as though hardly a day has passed.

While I thought the story had potential (and apparently is only the start of a planned trilogy) I found the writing a bit pedestrian, and the plot to be more plodding than racing. I was hoping for sort of a Bad-Willow-on-Buffy vibe, or even a flash of Harry Potter, but instead it's more of a "poor me" story of Amelia, who just didn't generate much sympathy with me. By the end, you don't know who is good and bad, as the author turns and turns on a dime, just ending with Amelia obliterating, you know, everyone. So much for "the rule of three"...

(Either that, or she's going to be REALLY sorry in the second novel)

Not a favorite of mine...

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Anonymous said...

In case you didn't know, and this really explains everything, Gryphon is the pen name of one of LKH's former bodyguards.