Book Review: Cathy's Key

Cathy's Key by Sean Stewart

I was intrigued by the first novel in this soon-to-be, Cathy's Book, so I was eager to read this follow-up when I snagged a galley at ALA. Though it doesn't have the "pocket of evidence" that will no doubt accompany it, the galley once again contained the continuing story of Cathy Vickers, complete with doodles and drawings, websites to look up and phone numbers to try.

This YA diary-novel-epistolary-mystery picks up the thread of Cathy's missing boyfriend Victor (who, by the way, is immortal) and the tangled web that Cathy is a part of. Along the way, she finds herself betrayed by a new acquaintance, almost loses her best friend, and nearly gets herself killed...

I still find the storytelling a bit disjointed, but I really enjoyed reading more about this story, with the ending open for another entry into Cathy's tale. This is an engaging read for young adults, and Cathy's Book is that we've had great success handselling to reluctant teens. A cool book with a cool delivery - I really love the exploration of including all kinds of media (websites, phone messages, etc) in telling a story.

If it worked for NIN's Year Zero, why not a YA novel? :-)


Anonymous said...

Cathy's Book is still lying, unfinished, on my bedroom floor. It's not as immersive as I like my alternate reality media to be. Plus, when I read, I want to be reading not calling voicemail boxes and looking up websites. If this were a video game, I'd have been all over it.

Anonymous said...

Cathy's Book was straight amazing. I have read it six times and I still can not get enough of it. I can't wait till Cathy's Key comes out!!!