AeroGarden, Baby!

I so totally got the best Christmas present this year.

My sister got me an AeroGarden.


(If y'all aren't infomercial saavy, or didn't get Sur La Table or any of the other snooty chef catalogs, the AeroGarden is an in-home garden system, with no dirt and totally regulated light, for growing herbs, tomatoes, whatever. Basically, if you follow the instructions, you can't kill it. I'm so there.)

I set it up New Year's Day, and have little itty bitty plants beginning to sprout. Despite some snarky comments from some *cough*, I will be closely monitoring the AeroGarden, and of course, keeping you all updated with regular pictures.

I know.

You can't wait either. ;-)

Day One:


All set up and ready for some growing!

Day Six Update:

Bitty little plants!





It's my very own, slightly odd science experiment! :-)

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