Christmas Movies

There are certain movies that I watch every year to get into the holiday spirit.

I'm telling you this, because I've been told for years that I have a glaring hole in my Christmas movie repertoire.*

Until this morning, I had never, in my 31 years, seen It's a Wonderful Life.

(My mother, when I would mention the film, would always squinch up her face, and say "Oh, that's sad. You wouldn't like that." So I never watched it. Even though it is reputedly played on cable about 4000 times in December.)

It is sad, but not horribly. I sniffled and teared up the end, predictably. I finally understand some of the in-jokes or quotes from it that I've missed for 31 years.

But my own Christmas movies are a different list altogether:

Love Actually: Hugh Grant dancing around as Prime Minister. And Alan Rickman. I wouldn't care if Alan Rickman sat on a stool in the middle of an empty stage and read the back of a shampoo bottle, I'd show up and buy a ticket.

Holiday Inn: My parents bust this one out every year. It's okay, but I actually like...

White Christmas: ...this one better. I always thought Vera Ellen was lovely. Better costumes for the girls. :-)

Sound of Music: Though it has nothing to do with Christmas, somehow this was shown on TV around the holidays every year, so I associate it with doing a Christmas puzzle, food cooking, and a fire roaring. It makes me happy. :-)

Bridget Jones's Diary: It starts off with the holiday Turkey Curry Buffet. Mostly, this is just an excuse to watch Colin Firth for a couple of hours. ;-)

*I should probably mention that I've never seen A Christmas Story either. Maybe next year...

What are your holiday movies?


Carrie said...

I'm almost ashamed to admit to knowing you! How can you have never seen A Christmas Story?!?! It's a Wonderful Life, I can understand, because I only ever get to see it once a year here. Christmas Eve, baby! But TNT/TBS has a 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story.

Seriously, you need to watch it. It's a kick.

Love Actually is on my Christmas movie list, too. Which storylines are your favorite? I love Hugh's, Keira's (the scene outside her door with the cue cards kills me) and the storyline with Liam Neeson.

It's A Wonderful Life... love the dance scene.

Scrooged w/Bill Murray. Everyone in that movie is just brilliant and every time I watch it I find a joke that I missed the first 84 million times I've seen it.

I wouldn't call it a must-see tradition but I always find myself watching Jack Frost (Michael Keaton as the snowman) this time of year, too.

Anonymous said...

I second the "Christmas Story" recommendation - very very funny and a true Midwest Christmas classic! Don't worry, though... I never saw it 'til I was an adult. ALSO, I've never seen "It's A Wonderful Life" and I don't think I will any time soon... I can't get past that "Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings..." line. It annoys the crap outta me. ;p

I'm also with you on two other pts.:

1. Alan Rickman. Holy crap, he's the bees knees. I enjoyed Diehard because of him. Le sigh.

2. Sound of Music - absolute staple in my house too. A must-view for Xmas festivities... even in the background.

Hmm... what else? We always seem to watch the 70s/80s PBS showing of the Nutcracker Ballet and Midnight Mass at King's College in Cambridge. Yes, my Dad (and me) are anglophiles... but you would know nothing about that ;p

Marissa said...

So, clearly "A Christmas Story" needs to go into my NetFlix queue. ;-)

Meg - that lined annoyed me too, but overall it was not as sappy a tale as I was expecting...

Alan Rickman. *sigh*

I used to love going to hear the choirs at Kings College when I was a kid. :-)

I forgot about The Nutcracker ballet! *goes to check tv listings*