Brotherhood 2.0

visitbrotherhood2Though Jaleh beat me to it, I've been wanting to post about Brotherhood 2.0, but couldn't quite bring myself to.

Mostly, how in a few short days, I won't have a daily dose of brothers John and Hank Green.

And how this so saddens me, and even hurts a little bit.

I've been there since the very first video - watching puff levels, reveling in happy dances, learning about the political situation in Tibet, and mostly laughing and getting to virtually know this two interesting, hilarious, engaging boys. I even met John and ALA, and had a little Nerdfighterly moment.

And come December 31, the Nerdfighters will have no video to watch every day.

What a great gift we've been given this year, and the only thing I can say it...please, sir(s), may we have some more?

These guys are made of awesome, and I can only hope we'll get occasional vlog updates, in between releases of Paper Towns and EcoGeek updates...

That's do-able, right?

(Also, I had to link to one of my fave vids of the whole year: I laughed my ass off during the first part...the suprise, the theme song, the slo mo...killed me. *grin*)


little ineb said...

Right there with ya, babe. Although I have linked to them 2 or 3 times already this year, so I beat you a long time ago! I'll still really miss my daily dose, the songs that get stuck in my head, and the inside jokes that only Nerdfighters understand (cuz that's so jokes!)

Jalehlabad said...

Sigh. I don't even want to think about it. Anyway, I hope you are signed up for their secret project mailing list. they said they would update the nerdfighters there.