Book Review: Sammy's House

Sammy's House by Kristin Gore

This is the second Washington novel by Gore (yes, Al's daughter), following Sammy's Hill, which I read several years ago.

Because I: a) love chick lit b) love The West Wing therefore I c) adored this book! Sammy has moved from helping a junior Senator to working for the vice president on health care policy. This novel cleverly weaves in a lot of different story lines (health care, politics, blogs, moles, romance and the Washington scene) while giving a true sense of realism to the story (thanks to Gore's insider status, no doubt).

Sammy is still neurotic and insecure, but is good at her job and is a great guide through this West Wing story, which still maintains some of its chick lit edge with humor, ill timed romance, family visits, and a couple of Japanese fighting fish. ;-)

This is a great follow up to the first novel - I really loved it! Makes me wanna bust out my West Wing DVDs again....

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