Book Review: Magyk

Magyk by Angie Sage

My bookmobile lady has raved about the "Septimus Heap" series, so I thought I would give Book One a shot - what a great YA fantasy novel!

Full of action, surprises, and well-drawn characters (though the villains tend to be more funny than truly menacing), this is the story of the seventh son of the seventh son, a Princess, a family and a lot of good magyk.

Though this has obviously been influenced by the "Harry Potter" generation, it's different enough to distinguish it from the other copycats, though I would think it's geared more towards younger readers, despite it's YA label. Colorful characters and continuous forward motion make this an easy book to keep reading.

This is a quick, engaging read, and I'll be sure to pick up the second title, Physik!

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