Ballet Shoes Movie

Ballet_Shoes_Noel_Streatfeild__5612952The BBC is adapting Ballet Shoes into a television production, starring Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame.

I absolutely adored Ballet Shoes as a child (I had that very edition right there), and can still vividly remember reading about the trials and tribulations of Pauline, Petrova and Posy. Pauline was always my favorite, but I loved all three girls.

Noel Streatfeild was from Sussex (where my grandmother lives), so I always felt as though we had a connection, though tenuous at best. :-)

Thinking about Ballet Shoes got me thinking about other childhood favorites, and my most vivid memories are of Enid Blyton books (Mallory Towers and The Faraway Tree, anyone?), Anastasia Krupnik books, Beverly Cleary (Henry and Ribsy, y'all?), Boxcar Children, The Worst Witch, The Chicken Pox Papers, and the Victoria Plum books.

(That's a pretty good Anglo and American split, actually...)

Makes me want to curl up with all of them and reread (yes, they are still on my bookshelves even today) to try and capture a bit of childhood back again…

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Anonymous said...

They talked about these books in the movie "You've Got Mail." Apparently, there are Ballet Shoes, and Skating Shoes, and several other shoes, but "Ballet Shoes is my favorite," said Meg Ryan's character.

Will have to check them out. I have the same "childhood magic" experience with A Little Princess and the Laura Ingalls Wilder books.