NASCAR Banquet Tonight

Per annual tradition, I will be watching the NASCAR Banquet tonight with my girl De, commenting on every second of the glitzy (sometimes awkward) event. It's worth sitting through the commercials to see the guys in tuxes, hear the sometimes painful speeches, and see how cringe-worthy the production can make it.

I haven't been as dedicated a NASCAR fan this year for a bevy of reasons (much like most other "old fans" I know), but I'm still proud to have a 48 sticker on my car.

Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson, and especially Chad Knaus, for their second championship!

We're proud of you, guys!

(Fine lookin' boys, no?)


Anonymous said...

I'll be watching too. Didn't one of the Busch brothers forget the name of his girlfriend last year? Hysterical. I hope it isn't as cringe-worthy as it was last year!

Best, Pat (a Ward Burton fan with not much to cheer about)

ps. you ever going to finish the JR story?

Marissa said...

Actually, I think Kyle said Kurt's wife's name. Oops. ;-)

I actually did get around to finishing it! It's posted at TrackBunnies.org and also at my new home, Firesuit Fantasies. Thanks for reading! :-)